Needs-based treatments for health, beauty and wellbeing that are made-to-measure for every guest: that’s the ALPINE WELLBEING ON THE LAKE mission at the RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE in Saalfelden Leogang.

Based on herbal and medical lore handed down by generations, our treatments restore and bolster equilibrium:

Treatment Categories

Energising ALPINE WELLBEING ON THE LAKE for increased energy and resilience – a comforting boost for body, mind and spirit.

The balancing treatments at the RITZENHOF’s SPA ON THE LAKE result in inner balance and ease – freedom you can feel.

For unreserved relaxation and complete inner peace – luxuriate in profound tranquillity and ease of mind with our calming treatments.

Vitality, lightness and health – an invigorating and inspiring energy boost.

Our ALPINE WELLNESS AM SEE / ALPINE WELLBEING ON THE LAKE rituals start with a soothing cup of herbal tea to attune you to the treatment to come. We also lay great worth on you and our SPA therapists having an in-depth conversation that allows them to determine your personal profile and plan tailor-made treatments and programmes for you. ALPINE WELLNESS AM SEE / ALPINE WELLBEING ON THE LAKE is therefore a meaningful personal experience, as well as being beneficial and leading you to a deeper understanding of your body’s needs and requirements.